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Sorry to sound naive, not a DBA or devloper, but I recently got copied into an architecture diagram for a new records management application, and noticed it had an MSSQL database, for records management type apps (similar concept to sharepoint), that are used to store office documents, i.e. docx, xlsx etc, surely those files dont reside in the database do they? I always viewed databases as storing only text only type data, not actual files. So if thats the case, what role would the database play (provide links to the files on a file share?)? ANy basic low tech management freindly explanation most welcome.
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Paul JacksonConnect With a Mentor Software EngineerCommented:
Files can be stored in MS SQL as binary data and many applications do this, such as sharepoint. There are some good reasons why this can work well and some reasons why it won't.

See the following article for a good discussion:

pma111Author Commented:
Can you elaborate on:

There are some good reasons why this can work well and some reasons why it won't.
Paul JacksonSoftware EngineerCommented:
It's probably to much of an in depth subject to go into here, when it is already documented elsewhere, as well as the link provided above see the Microsoft article below :

To BLOB or Not to BLOB
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