Sql Server 2008 structure + data Comparisions of two different databases

I am new to sql server user but I had good experience on MySql + SqlYog tool

I want to compare structure as well as data between two different databases located at two different server on sql server.

1) As we have information_schema in Mysql, do we have similar option ( or any other alternative ) on Sql Server 2008?

2) As we have schema synchronization tool under powertools option inside SQLyog tool
    do we have similar option ( or any other alternative ) on Sql Server 2008?

Any help will be appreciated,
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dbbishopConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also, SQL Server 2008 does have an INFORMATION_SCHEMA schema with a number of views defined. Check system views in SSMS to see them.
Do you have the other database set up as a linked server? There is a product we use called SQL Compare by Red Gate. A two-week fully functional trial version is available. It will let you compare every single aspect of the schema, including extended properties, indexes, constraints, triggers, etc., or you can tailor it to which components to compare. As long as SQL Compare has access to both databases, it will function.
Of course, the 'quick and dirty' way would be to generate scripts for both databases as a single file, and then use a regular text-compare tool to find differences (e.g. Beyond Compare, etc.)
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