Windows 2008 active directory issue!!!

Hi, I just join windows 2008 server as a domain controller to my existing windows 2003 domain. Now i have all this errors any quick solution that i can perform.
The Active Directory Main Services best practices Analyzers not able to collect data about the domain name of the dns record DcByGuid from the domain controller server1.
server1 is the server that has the error message. is acting as back up domain controller.
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Pramod UbheCommented:
where do you see the errors on 2003 or 2008?
Is it first 2008 DC? if yes, have you prepared your environment for that? -
usa12Author Commented:
Yes, this is my first 2008 dc, that I have joined into an existing 2003 domain. The error I see it on the 2008 server.
Pramod UbheCommented:
Have you prepared the env. for 2008 dc before?
The prev. link I provided has details about what is needed for 2008 details, mostly this is the most suspicious item in your case I believe.
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usa12Author Commented:
Yes I did prepared the env. Using that same link you provided.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Do the following...
- Open cmd
- type dcdiag /dnsall and dcdiag /v
- Repadmin /replsum (check replication)
- repadmin /showrepl (check replication partitions)
- Check the directory services event logs to ensure that there are no errors

If you are getting error list the Source/ID here.
usa12Author Commented:
Ok, i ran all this commands that you suggested.. this is the event id 13562   source : ntfrs
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
Do you still have both DC's in the environment? Or did you transfer the FSMO roles to the new DC and then decommission the 2003 DC?

The event you are referencing is due to a old legacy GUID that no longer exists. See the following link for more detail...
usa12Author Commented:
This is how everything started.
I had a domain with 2 DC, running windows2003 server.
PDC had a hardware failure. I had to virtually restore PDC to domain.
Than I transfer  FSMO from PDC to BDC.
I also did the metadata clean up.
Once I finished that I disjointed the primary DC from domain.
And I gave my windows 2008 server the same name that the PDC had.
usa12Author Commented:
Yes, I first transfer FSMO roles to existing BDC 2003, than I decommission   the PDC  from domain.
Than I prepared the domain for a windows2008 server.but once I made it a DC it gives me the error that I posted.
Santosh GuptaCommented:

do following.

1. run the metadata cleanup for docommed PDC.
2. check the dns server and delete all records related to docommed PDC. if any.
3. check the site and services and delete all records related to docommed PDC. if any.
4. make sure you dont have any record in your AD and DNS.
5. check if you are able to see the SYSVOL share on both servers and all FSMO roles are present with BDC 2003.
6. check the NIC DNS setting and remove the docommed PDC IP. if any.
7. run the NSLOOKUP on both DC make sure DNS is working fine.
8. Reboot the both server one by one.
9. now run the DCDIAG /V and check the error.

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