How to convert Yes/No field to checkbox in ACCESS report?

  I have a ACCESS table where there is a field "Overtime" with Yes/No format.
  When I print it in the report, it shows "Yes" or "No" and it takes too much space.
  I like to do either:
  (1) Print only one letter in Cap: "Y" or "N"   or
  (2) Print in the checkbox format: [x] or [ ]
  because of limited space in the report.

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mbizupConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the underlying field is indeed a Y/N field in your table's design, you can simply place a checkbox control on your report and set it's control source to that field.
This is not directly possible as Access reports do not let SQL manipulations to the fields.

Here is what you can do:

1: Copy your table to a new table:

FROM MyTable

Open in new window

Now update this copied table:

Update MyTableCopy
Set overtime='N' 
where overtime='No'

Update MyTableCopy
Set overtime='Y' 
where overtime='YES'

Open in new window

And then build your report based on this new table.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
As you said, I simply placed a checkbox control and set the Control Source to the OverTime field and it is printing in checkbox. In the report, I just added the new checkbox control (in blue color) below the original Overtime field in Yes/No.
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Okay... so is that what you are looking for?  If so, you can remove the original control that is displaying the Yes/No.

If that is NOT what you are looking for, please clarify what needs to change.
Btw, you can/should remove the label that is associated with the checkbox, so that only the checkbox shows.  The label in the header is all that is needed with this layout.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
Yes I will remove the original control in YES or NO.
I just wanted to show you that the checkbox control worked.

Thanks for your help.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
"Btw, you can/should remove the label that is associated with the checkbox" --> Of course.
Glad to help.   :)
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