How to get numeric portion of field using SQL

Hey guys, how do I get the numeric portion if the string using SQL? The data will look like this


Numbers are at the back.

P.S. what's the function that gets the numbers in front? And what's the formatting function that if you've put Len of 10, it will fill in your string and if your string is less than 10, it will fill in spaces for the remaining characters? I came across these 2 functions but forgot haha. Thanks guys!! = ))
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<< what's the function that gets the numbers in front? >>

If the numbers are at the front, you can use Val(YourString)

SELECT Val(YourField) AS NumberPortion
FROM YourTable

<<  using SQL? >>

If the numbers are at the end, I believe you would have to create a user defined VBA function and call that from your query.
<< And what's the formatting function that if you've put Len of 10, it will fill in your string  >>

Format("YourField", "0000000000")
If you know that the numeric portion will always have 4 digits, you can use RIGHT(field,4).

For numbers in front that do not include a decimal point, you can use VAL(field)

To pad your numbers with up to 10 zeros, you can use Format(field, "0000000000").
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that do not include a decimal point
Correction... that includes up to one decimal point.

VAL( will produce 128.222
Another method you can use if the number portion is at the end and the number of digits vary; use the Val and StrReverse function together:


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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Just a note here, you are really asking three questions here, ...not just one...
-How to get numeric portion of field using SQL
-what's the function that gets the numbers in front?
-what's the formatting function that if you've put Len of 10,

Pleas keep this in mind, as the rules here seek to keep the site to a one question per post format.

So while you did state "P.S.", other concerns could may have been better if posted as to separate simple questions.

Sound fair?

developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
thanks mbizup and IrogSinta!! whao really great stuff here!! = )) and IrogSinta the strreverse is absolutely fantastic!! i didn't even know it existed!! haha = ))

hi Jeff! yes what you're saying does sound fair 100%! my main question was on getting the numeric portion of the string, but then as i was typing i thought of the other 2 btw questions and i thought if those weren't answered that's ok as well. BUT..... you know the experts in EE are just too superb!! and those 2 questions got answered as well!! = )) so yes you're 100% right that i should have separated the questions and moving forward i will!! = ))
developingprogrammerAuthor Commented:
guys, i just realised that if i use the


if my field is Physical10, the result will be 1.

because when we use the val function it treats 01 as 1 --> correctly so.

so i think maybe the best way is to use regex
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