Joomla 3.1 page/template question

Some of you have probably seen me here before with Joomla questions.

I've decided to create a test joomla site thinking that is the best way to learn it.

So, I have created a test site (Joomla 3.1) on my own server. I have my categories, I have my articles and my menus. It's a relatively simple site with just a few pages.
I have downloaded a few templates from a place called Yoo Themes. These are paid templates, not free.

I understand that the functionality of templates various, depending on what features the developer put into it. But I still think I can ask some general questions here and get some help.

Right now I'm trying to figure out how to put a logo at the top of my page and move my menu to the left of my page.

Logo first:
I created a new module, custom HTML and uploaded my logo into the media manager.
Then I go into Module Manager, select my logo and click on the "position" drop down (see attached). Here is my question. Are these the only position choices I have? I'm guessing these are built into the Template I have chosen and these are the only choices? What happens if none of these choices puts the logo where I want it to be?
I tried creating the logo as an Article and not a module but there didn't seem to be any ability to move it where I wanted it to be.

Similar question about the menus. How do I move them around? It seems like placement of objects goes through Module manager, is that correct? Once again, what happens if none of the 'built in' positions move it where I want it to be?

Is there some standard that all Joomla template devs follow in terms of what a particular named position means?

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chilternPCConnect With a Mentor Commented:
that's not entirely true, Joomla Position names are defined. you can find out what positions a particualr template is using, you can also hack the template to add locations

see this entry:

and this place:

I personally use Artisteer ( which allows you to create your own template using a visual approach and export them as Joomla or Wordpress templates and the artisteer website site also covers positions of templates , half way down this page:
Logos are almost never in module positions. Usually you'll find out the size of the image the template uses, then make sure your logo image is the same size. Right click and properties their logo and then overwrite that file with your image.

Yes regarding menus. If the positions are not viable, you can edit the template to make new positions, but you must know Joomla, PHP and HTML coding.

There is NO standarding regarding position names.
if you want to hack an existing template,
unzip the template locally into a folder (and change the name as the folder name will be become the template name) and follow these instructions :

and then rezip the folder into a zip and install this as the template - I would call is something new to keep it clear.
also when changing stuff make sure the cache  off or is cleared
(Site - Maintenance - Clear Cache, select all and clear)
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