iScsi VHD Failover Clustering Fileserver

I have a failover cluster the storage is connected via iscsi.  My ultimate goal is to have a .VHD drive that contains all of our shared files be loaded on the file server aspect of the failover cluster.  I can import the .vhd drive as an iscsi disk on the shared storage controller and both the cluster hosts see the mounted vhd drive from their native os but when I try to provision storage for the fileserver role it just creates a blank drive I want to pass the mounted vhd through the iscsi (which Works) but then to the file server role of the cluster as a highly available share.  I would like to keep the files on the back end as a virtual disk
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NetfloConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you considered setting up a virtual file server in the failover cluster. This would satisfy the requirements of what you're trying to achieve.
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