Crystal Reports - Grouping on a Running Total

I have a running total that only updates (counts) on a certain condition. So I end up with several records where the running total is 1, several records with a running total of 2 and so on.

Now I want to group on that running total so I can print a summary of the 1 records, a summary of the 2 records, etc.  However, the running total field is not available to group by.

Is there a way to do this? PS: I don't have access to the database to put the number there, it must be done in Crystal.
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No, you cannot group on running totals.

Crystal uses a multiple pass method to render the reports.  Groups and sorting is done in a pass before running totals are calculated.  Running totals are calculated in the last pass through the report.

What is the running total doing?

Could a summary be used?

loneieagle2Author Commented:
The data is a table with one record for a charge and then multiple records for payments and adjustments. Each transaction now prints on a separate line. I want to print all the information for one transaction on one line with the charge in one column, adjustment in another column, etc. The only way I know that I need to print a summary is the transaction type is a 1 (charge).
The relevant part of the table has:

Type   Charge  ADJ   Payment  ...
 1         10.00      0            0
 8            0         2.00        0
 8            0         1.00        0
 2            0            0         5.00
 1           5.00        0          0
 2            0            0         5.00
 1          8.00         0           0

What I need to print is:
Charge    ADJ    Payment
  10.00     3.00      5.00
    5.00     0.00      5.00
    8.00     0.00      0.00

So I need to calculate summaries and print them when the type changes to 1.
The running total using count, update when type = 1, never reset worked great for assigning a unique number to all related transactions.

If I use formulas to calculate that unique number, do you think it will work to group on that calculated number?
There is no common filed between the records just a charge record followed by the related payment and adjustment records?

To group you need a common field.  You may need to use a command or stored procedure to generate the field.

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loneieagle2Author Commented:

That is correct, there is no common field since the original report didn't need it. There is just a sequence number to sort by so the items print in the correct order, but nothing to group on.

Look at this report.  I think it does basically what you want through using formulas to calculate the totals.  It fakes having groups through use of a second detail section

Rev1 - WHat you have today
Rev2 - Introduces the fake group footer
Rev3 - Shows details and totals
Rev4 - Totals only


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loneieagle2Author Commented:

Thanks a lot, that should work. I do have a few tweaks to make because the data isn't quite as simple as the Excel sheet. I don't get into CR very often, but when I do it is usually something like this that is not straight-forward with just simple groups. I'll have to add this "Fake Footer" method to my arsenal. I may have eventually figured this out, but then the Last Record detail may have tripped me up.

loneieagle2Author Commented:
Thanks for sticking with this problem. I really needed to have this solution today and I probably would not have without you.
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