SharePoint 2013 audiences for displaying web parts

Hi Experts,

I have a document library with 100s of files in it.  Some of them are tagged with "IT", some with "Acct", and some with "Mgmt".  What I want to do is display a content query web part or a search web part with results that are targeted.  For example, I want Larry, who is on the IT team, to see that web part and only see the IT items, and I want Joan to see the same web part with only the Acct items.  Larry and Joan both have Contribute access to the library and them seeing each other's files is not a problem, in this scenario.  Joan is a member of the AcctSPG SharePoint group and Larry belongs to the ITSPG SharePoint group, and they are each members of their respective AD groups (AcctTeam and ITTeam).

How do I target the web part so I don't have to filter the results manually?  

Cheers and thanks,
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You have 2 options. 1. you can drop the 3 different webparts on the page with the different views and then target the webpart.

2. you can turn audience targeting on the list. Go back to each of the files and target them to the appropriate audience and then just use one webpart that honors the audience targeting.

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To enable audience you have to set up user profile service application first. 

Later for audience targeting  activate the publishing feature at site collection level so that you can acheive audience targeting.

 same as 2010 from configuring prespective. you can go through this link in 2010
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
Thanks, both of you.

Sharepointguru14, I'm trying to avoid 3 different web parts.  People who are parts of multiple audiences would then see multiple web parts.  I have audience targeting enabled on the list; how do I target each file?  In the content type?  Can you please point me to some specific instructions?

Thanks again,
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If its enabled on the list than you should be able to edit an item's properties and there will be a target audience column now.
If you don't have that let me know and I'll post the steps to enabling it
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
Ah, thanks.  I see the targeted audiences column and have populated about 10 of those fields.  So why, then, am I seeing ALL of the files instead of the ones targeted to me when I create a web part and target it to my group?
You need to configure the CQWP to use audience targeting in its settings as well.

This link should help
nsyyoungAuthor Commented:
Um, yeah.  I did that.  I'm going with I'm an admin so I see everything, which isn't ideal, but I don't want to spend any more time on it.  Bigger fires loom!

Thanks for your help,
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