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My company has just finished installing a 4.5Mbps SIP connection and a 5 Mbps Metro Ethernet connection. The idea was to speed things up from our traditional 1.5 Mbps T1 connections. We really have not seen much of an improvement. At least not what we expected. In the case of the MOE, I noticed that the incoming line first enters a splice box and then goes directly to a cisco switch 1GB fiber connector. It then attaches to our network via the only enabled 100 MBps connector on the switch.
Now if I do the math, it seems to me that creates a bottleneck.
Am I thinking about this the right way?

Bruce CarsonSystems AdministratorAsked:
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When it comes to physical port speed, yes you are thinking correctly. However, Metro-E connections have policies applied to the ports to limit the amount of traffic allowed. So if you only paid for 5M, the bandwidth should rarely ever exceed 5M and the difference in physical port speed no longer matters. The reason they use the 1Gb fiber connector is usually because of the length the fiber has to transmit back to the CO, as well as the CO equipment being limited to 1Gb and higher interfaces.

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