Windows 7 printing problem: prints all copies at once


We have a software (written by us) which is used by many customers.
The software prints out invoices in 4 copies.

Only at one customer there are printing errors many times: the first and the second copies are good, but the 3d and 4th have some different kind of problems e.g. the invoice number, or the values are not printed out correctly. He uses Windows 7 Enterprise.

They tried it with several printers (they use Kyocera right now).

Today I tried printing on CutePdf printer and instead of creating the 1st page and asking where to save and then the second etc. it created all the 4 CutePdf  dialog boxes at once!

And what is more I could save only the 1st, but not the rest. It didn't create the files!

Is this some kind of Windows setting problem?
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No it is a "Bug" in your own software. Ask your developers to follow .

If you can provide what kind of software is this and where exactly you get errors , EE may be able to help you.

Does your program have any kind of Error logging?

Did the main developer of this software leave the company?  I really hope not . If that's the case  with no documentation avaialbe you need to hire a developer to help you.
any other customers running windows 7 or 7 enterprise?  If this is the only enterprise are they using bitlocker? about the only difference I know of in 7 pro / enterprise, the other would be the software restriction policies.  Have you tried compatibility mode for the app?
starhuAuthor Commented:
unknown_routine: how can it be a bug if more than a hundred customers use the very same software without error and only this one has problems?

tmoore1962:  If I know well, most of our customers use Windows 7 Professional.
I haven't tried compatibility mode, but I will.
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Lionel MMSmall Business IT ConsultantCommented:
Does everyone print to the same printer? Is anyone else printing the Kyocera that is giving you this problem? Can you logon as another user at this Win7 Enterprise PC and see if the problem persists even with another user on the same PC?

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starhuAuthor Commented:
Does everyone print to the same printer?

Is anyone else printing the Kyocera that is giving you this problem?
this is the only printer at the customer. Do you mean printing at the same time?

Can you logon as another user at this Win7 Enterprise PC and see if the problem persists even with another user on the same PC?

I will try
Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
If it's not a bug, then it must be a feature :)

On the problem system, obviously there is a configuration that your developer did not anticipate or an assumption that was not fulfilled.

Try enabling extended error logging on the application and see where the print routines have issues.

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