copying data from a share to a Qtree on a NetApp FAS2240

I recently setup a FAS2240 with CIFS. I created two shares under the path /vol/vol1 and both folders show the same data. I now know that i need to create a Qtree for the shares if i want to use /vol/vol1 for the path. How do i go about copying the data from that one folder to the Qtree?

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robocatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Just create a few folders and make shares out of them.


/vol/vol1/ITStorage -> share ITStorage
/vol/vol1/Metadocs -> share Metadocs

If you also create a share on volume level, you can easily manipulate the existing data and move it to the appropriate folders using that top level share.
Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
You don't need to use Qtrees unless you want to use quotas.  Either way if you want to copy data from one folder to the other you would need to share the folders (whether share folder from volume or qtree) and copy the data over.  I typically use robocopy.
victordrAuthor Commented:
How can i create two separate shares on /vol/vol1 then? Also i don't want to copy the data off of the filer.
victordrAuthor Commented:
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