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Is there a way to change the color the unread messages from Outlook on my Mac OS X?  I want the unread message stands out.  Say I want to change the unread message to red.  I am using Outlook version 14.3.7.
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arrorynConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There's not an official way, but I found a workaround from here: (I have directly quoted the OP)

"go in the TIF file and added a bright red border around the unread email icon.  now when i look at my outlook panel i can easily see unread emails because the envelope is red and not light blue.
to get to this file right click Outlook in your Applications/Microsoft Office folder and select "Show Package Contents".  then go into Contents/Resources.  Now look for the file @ol_messageUnread_16.tif.  open this file in any graphic editing package and colour at will..."
yogioAuthor Commented:
I finally able to get that done.  Thanks
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