Extract Octets from IP Address

What formula or set of formulas can I use to extract octets from an IP Address?

Supposing I have in A1 and want 192 in A2, 1 in A3, 2 in A4, and 3 in A5
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Grasty86Connect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a feature in Excel that can do this for you without any formulas.

Click the Cell containing and then go to Data --> Text to Columns. Then choose Delimited, and specify your own delimiter as a period ".".

From there it will split your octets into columns
You can also add function:
Public Function GetOct(A As String, Oct As Integer) As Integer
' A - IP address, Oct - Octet number from left to right, starting from 0
Dim B() As String
B = Split(A, ".")
GetOct = CInt(B(Oct))
End Function

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TechnologyManguAuthor Commented:
Duh me. :) Thank you.
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