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I need a sharepoint site that can do the following features with little extra development needed:

1. Extract, manipulate & export List Data to a CSV file to a pre-determined location.
2. Compare two Lists of data - and exporting the difference to a report or third List.
3. Improved management of User Accounts including Pass Word Self Reset.

Now comes the tricky part - the environment:

- The site will be in a hosted, internet environment. i.e I will not have a dedicated server, but will share with other tenants.
- Sharepoint 2010 Foundation will be used.

What I have tested so far:

1. Bamboo Solution was perfect, but they cannot deploy a license on a shared, hosted environment.
2. Colligo, but I have limited access to downloaded list data with no export capability.
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Rainer JeschorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
as I assume you would not be able to install farm solutions, I would use either SharePoint Client Object Model or Powershell for tasks 1 and 2.

For question 3: which type of authentication/user?
Windows, Claims, FBA?
There are a couple of free solutions @ Codeplex like:

If you want to code it your own way:

Yep, I'm thinking grab a copy of Visual Studio and cook up an app to run client-side for items 1 and 2

If your ISP supports Remote PowerShell, you might use that - it would be easier than programming in VS (IMHO)

Password reset will only work if the Application pool running the webapp has right to edit the user databases - be it Windows or otherwise.  If you don't have server-side access, many of the solutions for password reset will be off-limits to you, unfortunately.

Might I suggest Office365, where the password forgot/reset is already there?
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