MsAccess 2010 to mySQL 5.5 "insert on duplicate key update" example

I searched for days with no luck. Could someone help me to find a way how to insert/update the contents of a table in Access 2010 to mySQL server 5.5 table ?
The table has thousands of records so it also needs to be efficient. I need examples of VBA code.

These are the specs:
Access :
Table name "ExportTable"

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MySQL table:
Table Name "Customers"
"record_id" <-autonumber
"phone1" <-Unique Key

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The mySQL table is linked inside the Access DB via ODBC.
Thanks in advance !!
vguzmanIT ManagerAsked:
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
So you want to insert the records from the Access table into the MySQL table?

You can try this:

Currentproject.Connection.Execute "INSERT INTO YourMySQLTable(RouteOrder, StreetName, etc etc) (SELECT RouteOrder, StreetName, etc etc FROM YourAccessTable)"

If you still get the "duplicate key" error, then confirm that the record_id field is an actual increment field.
vguzmanIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Yes from Access table to MySQL table but I want to INSERT or UPDATE depending if the phone1 in the MySQL table exist or not.
How about using an "upsert" query which can update or insert simultaneously. You can find a sample posted by Fyed on this link and a step by step process in cactus_data's post here.
Yes from Access table to MySQL table but I want to INSERT or UPDATE depending if the phone1 in the MySQL table exist or not.

Then you need to check for the existence of the record first
The mySQL table is linked inside the Access DB via ODBC.
so I assume that DAO code will be fine

Dim db as database
dim rs as recordset
dim rs1 as recordset

set db = currentdb
set rs = db.openrecordset( "Select * from ExportTable;",dbopendynaset, dbseechanges)
do until rs.eof
    set rs1 = db.openrecordset( "Select * from Customers where phone1 = " & rs!Phone dbopendynaset, dbseechanges)
    Select Case rs1.recordcount
        Case 0
               'code like LSMConsulting's insert
         Case 1
               'Code for an update, which we can pencil in, in a bit
         case else
               'Oops, phone number duplicate!
      end select
      set rs1 = nothing

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You'd knock it in with code like this.
A one walkthrough of ExportTable, inserting or updating depending on a match to phone1 = phone

It's good efficient code.
@LSMConsulting went with a SQL execute, I'd go with

with rs1
    Select Case rs1.recordcount
        Case 0
         Case 1
         case else
               'Oops, phone number duplicate!
               'bail from here
               goto BailPoint
      end select
      !routeorder = rs!routeorder
      !streetname = rs!streetname
      !zipstr = rs!zipstr
      !housenumber = rs!housenumber
      !name1 = rs!name1
      !name2 = rs!name2 
      !phone1 = rs!phone1 
      !pickupdate = rs!pickupdate 
      !charity = rs!charity
      !mapcode = rs!mapcode 
end with


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Although, WHY you'd want to do this in code is a mystery.
Create a new query.
Put in both Export Table and Customers
Join them on Phone = Phone1
Make it a left join, showing all records from export table, and only those from Customers where they match
Select all the fields from ExportTable for the query grid
Select Phone1 from customers
Put a Criteria of NULL for Phone1 and uncheck it from displaying in the results

Run it

Check that it has records, and the right ones.
Change it to a maketable query.
Run it

Now make a new query that will append all the records from the newly created table to Customers.
Delete the newly created table
Change the Phone1 criteria to IS NOT NULL
Check it.
Run it as a maketable query again
Now make a new query that will update Customers with the values for the newly created table.
Clean up

No code required.

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