What VMDK is used my virtual machine?

Community.  This was a hard question to articulate which is why I assume I wasn't getting many hits in the search results.  

I have numerous folders and VMDK files in my host datastore and I cannot tell which VMDK is assigned to which VM.  It's confusing because I want to delete anything not being used in order to maximize storage.  I can't tell what to delete and what not to delete at this point.  Some are intuitively named but others are just called "New Virtual Machine 1"

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Grasty86Connect With a Mentor Commented:
In vSphere you can edit the properties of a VM and then look at the Hard Disks assigned to the VM. It will tell you the path to the vmdk.
Looks like my screenshot didnt attach
TripapHoniCAuthor Commented:
Thanks Grasty86.  Exactly what I needed.
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