Use RRAS with RSA Security Token and RADIUS

So I have RRAS that is currently working through Server 2008 Standard, I am able to connect through VPN using my domain username and password.  I have installed the RSA Authentication Manager 8.0 SP1 security appliance on VMware ESXi 5.0 and believe that I have it configured correctly.  I have it set to a PIN is currently not required, but I am not opposed to changing that.

I have assigned a token to a test domain user, switched RRAS authentication to RADIUS, configured the associated settings for RADIUS on the client and appliance, and have tested with a program called NTRADPING.  That program is saying that authentication from my server to the RSA appliance is working.  I am able to see logs in the Activity Monitor when doing this.  

When I try to connect via VPN at this point, I am using my token number as the password but authentication fails.  In addition to this, no logs appear in Activity Monitor.  What am I missing?
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gregbrainerdConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I found the missing component, it was installing EAP Client 7 for Windows.  It was not on the RSA website for some reason or another but the tech that finally called me back provided me an FTP link to download it along with documentation.  That got it working!
Can you log in to domain with the token?
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