Segregate network lines

Have a site where no fast internet is available.  They have been using AT&T DSL w/Static IP for years on a Netopia router.

Bought a Cradlepoint 1400 router to add a Verizon 4G wifi card w/a 20 GB plan.

Would like to do the following:

Setup so servers and shop computers use static ip gateway (netopia dsl 192.x.x.254
Setup so main office personnel use new 4G gateway (cradlepoint 192.x.x.1)

Setup 2 wifi networks:  main (4G) and guest (using old DSL line).

Also setup cradlepoint router to use dsl line as failover (either using LAN or Wifi as WAN)

Right now, I just set specific gateways on each PC.  But if I setup wifi on netopia or cradlepoint - they both default to cradlepoint 4G due to dhcp scope on sbs 2003 server (which I want to leave as is).

I'd rather have a wifi that could default to a different router gateway - I thought cradlepoint could do this...
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If the number of hosts that you want to use the 4G gateway is fairly limited,  you could use DHCP reservations for the DHCP clients.

A little easier method, might be to use separate subnets for the 4G and DSL gateways with an internal router linking the subnets. Each subnet's default gateway would the the local Internet gateway. Then define the routes to the two subnets on each Internet gateway.

It should be fairly easy to allow a failover route from the 4G gateway to the internal gateway.

Setup the guest WiFi, on the DSL subnet.

I know you want to keep the 2003 DHCP server as is, but I recommend setting up a second scope for the DSL subnet.

Once setup, this would require less maintenance than using reservations on the DHCP server.

 - Tom
ohioholidayAuthor Commented:
So does these mean I need a 3rd router (between the 2 current routers)?
Possibly.  Not knowing the exact models of routers you have, I can't really say with any certainty. You may be able to use a spare port on one of them as an internal gateway.  Looking at some of the CradlePoint 1400 models none mention VLAN. So it may not be able to create a second internal LAN. Maybe whatever Netopia model you have has another port allowing a separate LAN.

I made a bit of a misstatement in my earlier post about the fail-over, you would need to direct fail-over to the other Internet gateway, not the internal gateway.

Sorry to provide such a vague answer, but more specific information regarding the exact model numbers of the existing routers is needed to be more specific.  If the CradlePoint is new enough, you may have free support for "initial setup".

 - Tom
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ohioholidayAuthor Commented:
Netopia 3000 router w/slow DSL - want this to be main gateway for servers and guest wifi

Cradlepoint 1400 using Verizon 4g modem - 30 gb/month plan should be used for needed desktops only

So far, using reserved DHCP and gateway configurations, everything works the way I want - the only problem is the guest wifi.

The netopia 3000 doesn't allow me to have a separate DHCP for a guest wifi
If I turn on DHCP and wifi on the the netopia 3000 - then it messes everything up.

So right now wifi is on cradlepoint
DHCP is on SBS 2003 server

I'm not familiar with Vlans - both routers support it - so can I setup a Vlan on cradlepoint that connects an ethernet port directly to a port on the netopia router then create a guest wifi using that vlan?
ohioholidayAuthor Commented:
Setup dhcp as normal then set gateway manually on servers to old router.

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ohioholidayAuthor Commented:
No more feedback given on specific routers.
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