Advice needed: Replace NAS for Amazon S3 storage in a corporate AD environment?

Hello Experts,

Our company has 5 NAS devices that are being used for mapped personal folders, department folders, website virtual directories and so on and are reaching their end of life.

I've been asked to find out if there is a proven corporate solution for mapping Windows shares to an S3 account and integrated with Active Directory. Clients should be managed/push via group policy.

I've read that Gladinet offers a good solution, but a license costs $8.49 per user. We have 150+ employee, so paying $1250/month (not including the cost of the storage) is WAY to costly.

Are their any other alternatives? As I said, we have approx. 150 employees right now, and have around 5TB of data that we would like to move to the Cloud.


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Aaron TomoskyConnect With a Mentor Technology ConsultantCommented:
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