VPN Setup on server 2008R2

I have one server that I would like to administer remotely and thinking that I should VPN in to best achieve this. This is a MS Windows Server 2008R2.

I have not setup VPN before and am looking for recommendations or if VPN is not the best solution what are alternatives.
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Hypercat (Deb)Connect With a Mentor Commented:
For server administration, the best choice is a remote control application like VNC, pcAnywhere, Dameware, remote desktop in admin mode, LogMeIn, GoToMyPC, TeamViewer, etc.  A VPN connection is a remote session that connects through a secured tunnel but is not a remote control connection.  The difference is that with a remote control connection you are actually logging on to the live desktop on the remote computer rather than creating a separate remote session (like a VPN session) that does not interact directly with the live desktop. For admin purposes, you want to interact with the live desktop on the machine for the greatest level of control.
Yes, the VPN is a good alternative, but there is more else.
for VPN: http://dubravkomarak.wordpress.com/2012/07/18/configuring-vpn-connection-on-server-2008-r2-using-rras-and-configuring-clients/
teamviewer, logmein, dameware, Remote desktop or VNC can be also some solutions with the same security level.

bjbrownAuthor Commented:
Thanks, those sound like good possibilities as VPN (the more I researched) seemed to entail a significant amount of configuration as well as requiring an IP address other than the local 192.x.x.x
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I think remote desktop is a good secured solution
The traffic is crypted, but you should activate the firewall.
Aaron TomoskyTechnology ConsultantCommented:
Don't get into all that just to work on one server. That's what logmein is for. And it's free.
bjbrownAuthor Commented:
Teamviewer is working out for me, thanks.
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