MySQL Trigger not Visisble

I am using MySQL workbench 6.0 and have created a trigger but when i go to teh alter table command it is not visible.

All the other triggers are visible, any reason why this is not.

Need to change the statement, any way I can script it or make it visible for editing.
BrogrimInformation Systems Development ManagerAsked:
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Is the trigger actually working?

Is it possible it didn't save?

I have accidentally copied triggers from one table to another and only changed the Trigger table name, and forgot to change it in the Trigger Event table name, so when you save it, it gets put on the other table... Appears to be missing, but it is just under the wrong table.
BrogrimInformation Systems Development ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have checked the trigger table event name, I dropped the trigger and created it again and it still does'nt display.

It is firing on that table so very confusing. I have used SHOW TRIGGERS and it is returned in the trigger list with all the other triggers that are been displayed correctly.
Are you creating the trigger with a script or through the table editor.  There was a bug in a previous version that was fixed that is pretty much this exact issue if you are creating the trigger outside of workbench.

it's possible that it is just a bug again in the new version of workbench. Out of curiosity do you have an older version of workbench on another machine you could use to see if the trigger appears in that. If it does, I would report it as a bug on
BrogrimInformation Systems Development ManagerAuthor Commented:
I have MySQL Worbench CE 5.02 installed on the server and the latest workbench 6.0 on my desktop.

Worbench CE 5.02 is displaying the trigger but still no sign of it on my desktop workbench 6.0
I would report it as a bug and let them resolve it. If it displays in 5.02 and not in 6.0 then it sounds like a software issue.

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