Exchange 2007 Delivering to Outlook 2010 Junk Folder

One user on the domain is having random emails, from both internal and external addresses, delivered into the Outlook Junk Folder rather than the Inbox.  We have reinstalled Office, disabled the Outlook Junk filter in the Registry, Accessed the user's Exchange account from a different user account on the system, and confirmed all updates.  The email content is broad ranging as you would expect from a wide range of senders.  Even when the user is on the Outlook white list some of their email may get redirected to the Junk folder.

We have also turned off all Exchange content filtering (we have a front end spam filter service).  So, Exchange should not be redirecting the emails.

Since the problem continues after a reload and when another user account is used to access the problem Exchange account, we are suspicious of Exchange, but how would it send email to the user's Junk folder, not the email address defined for junk email?

The user environment is:

Windows 7 Pro, Outlook 2010
SBS 2008, Exchange 2008+SP3

Thanks for any ideas!
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TheOldHunterConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thanks for the idea.  I checked for SCL values in the emails reaching their Junk folder.  All internal (from other domain accounts) have SCL of -1 as expected.  I cold not find any SCL values in the external emails.  I have deleted all of their rules.  I  have deleted all of the junk mail rules and then disabled junk mail 'completely' in Outlook using:

DWORD: DisableAntiSpam
Value of 1 disables the junk filter, 0 enables it

I am thinking my only choice is to create a totally new domain user for them, export their OST to a PST,  migrate their current account data to the new login, delete the old account, add their current email address manually in Exchange.

Brute force but it sure seems something is corrupted in their Exchange or user profile.

TheOldHunterAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the links, but as I noted, we have disabled all of the content filters in Exchange under the Hub transport.  So, Exchange should not be attempting any filtering of content, white list, black list, etc.  So, the SCL should not matter.  Plus this is being experienced by one out of 20 users.  The same email sent to other users is delivered properly.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I would start by looking at one of the headers to see if there is an SCL value listed or not.
I have seen some third party tools tag the messages with SCL values.
I would also look at flushing the spam white and blacklists completely for that user (They are close to useless anyway). You may also want consider a reset of their rules.

outlook.exe /cleanrules

TheOldHunterAuthor Commented:
Found no reason for the mis-delivered email.  Reloaded Office and recreated profile seems to solve it.
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