Hyper V and network Connection

I really need your help.

I assigned static IP address ( Public address) to physical NIC to have internet. I have internet connection in my host server. Also I  setup External virtual switch in Hyper V Manger. But my VM can't connect to the internet. It will get IP address from range 169.x.x.x .

I also Shared network connection but no worked.

I am wondering like VirtualBox the vm machine will get the private IP address to communicate with Outside.

Any idea?
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Cliff GaliherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Nope. Virtual or physical doesn't really change how this works. The Hyper-V virtual "switch" should be thought of just like a physical switch. The "host" OS is still just one server with NIC plugged into that switch. The "guest" OSes are also servers with NICs plugged into that same switch. If your ISP gives you one public IP, you could assign it to any one of those servers, but only one. Or you could assign it to a router that does NAT and then give *all* of your machines (including the host OS) private IPs behind that NAT router. You could even configure one of your VMs to *be* that router, but like any router, it needs *at least* 2 NICs to do that work (one public, one private) and the RRAS role enabled. However note that Windows was never a very good router, nor did they design it to be, so I wouldn't go down that road except for the most basic of test labs.
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