Outlook 2007 - emails will not send

Outlook 2007 was working until a couple days ago.  Now it will not send emails.  Actually it looks like they are sent because they end up in the sent items folder.  They are not stuck in the outbox.  I can go to the account setup and press the test and both the incoming and outgoing tests pass.  Still it wil not send emails to my contacts.  If I use the web client for my email provider - emails are sent so it it not the email provider.

Ran Microsoft Office Diagnostics - no problems found.  Deleted and recreated the account in Outlook - emails still won't go to person it was sent to but shows in sent items.
Bob VaalIT ManagerAsked:
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If you send a message to yourself, do you receive it?  Is this POP3 or IMAP?  Did anything change on your network such a firewall update that may be blocking port 25?  Did your ISP perform an update that blocks port 25?  Sometimes Outlook doesn't realize if it is blocked.  Did anything change with the SMTP setup in Outlook?

If no changes occurred, next thing would be to scan your computer for viruses and malware.

Afterwards, Uninstall Office, reboot.  Reinstall Office, reboot again.   Reapply Service Packs as necessary. Then re-add your account to see if it sends successfully.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
When you say you use the web client for your email provider, do you mean you used your browser.  Most would say the email client is Outlook 2007.  And if you use IE or some browser to access your email at the provider's server, it is very different.  It is possible to have Outlook 2007 fail, and browser access succeed, for the same email account.

You might reverify your preferences in Outlook 2007 for SMTP.  SMTP is the protocol for your outgoing mail.  POP3 and IMAP are for your incoming.  POP3 downloads your emails to your computer, and IMAP lets you view and work with your email while the emails are kept and stored on the provider's servers.  If you are able to receive from people who have some other email provider, it tells you you're connected to your provider for receiving, so you can still focus on sending.

Most likely, if your client SW, Outlook 2007, gave no error message and put the sent mail in the sent folder, it is probably all just fine on your end, and your provider may be working on issues with their SMTP server.  I had a similar problem with one of the largest free email providers a couple weeks ago.  I waited about 4-5 days and they cleared it up.  What allowed me to calmly wait, was checking the forums and finding they had some issues that they were working on.
Check that your SMTP server (as Outlook is configured) is able to send to your mail provider successfully.
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Bob VaalIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Some more info - I am running a simple SMTP mail server on Windows Server 2003.  I have about 15 email accounts.  All of them can send and receive emails fine - it is just this one user that can send emails that don't make it to the destination.

My Outlook email account is configured as POP3.  Tried to send myself a message and it went to the sent items but never came into my inbox.  I turned off the firewall and it still would not send.  Next I will uninstall and reinstall Office.

As I clarified above, the email server is on an internal server - not using a large email provider.  The web client is part of the email server program I am running on the server.  Correct, Outlook did not give any errors and the event logs don;t show anything either.

Also, what is strange is if I goto TOOLS - ACCOUNTS and run the TEST in Outlook, it completes the incoming and outgoing tests fine which tells me it sees my POP and SMTP server just fine.  Also strange is the test message that accompanies the test comes into my inbox.  But yet I can not send an email to myself.
Christopher Jay WolffWiggle My Legs, OwnerCommented:
What about a corrupted Mail profile?  Have you tried making a new one with the following precautions...?

Bob VaalIT ManagerAuthor Commented:

Ran Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware scans - all clean

Uninstalled and reinstalled Office 2007 and patched.

Emails still will not go to the recipient.  

I have not tried removing and recreating the profile.  I did remove and recreate the email account but under the existing Outlook profile.  Will try that next.
Bob VaalIT ManagerAuthor Commented:
Ended up the user had installed a demo of a spam filter that was supposed to work in limited capacity after the 30 day trial that was causing the issue.  Uninstalled the app and all is working now.

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