configuring an smtp server in SBS Standard 2011

How can I configure an SMTP server address in SBS 2011?
Currently the server name follows the address similar to

Is there a way that I can configure SBS 2011 so that an email client similar to Outlook can use for the smtp server address?
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You can within DNS add a hostname of your choice and point it to the IP of the SBS.
Daniel HelgenbergerCommented:
I assume you want to run a plain smtp / imap server on your SBS, AD is enabled and you have a firewall, so your SBS has no public interface.?

Bottom line, internal mail is easy to do, external SMTP relaying wants to be well tested and has to be deployed in several steps in a medium time frame; depending on the importance of your mail system and the number of mail boxes.

To do so, you need several things: Since this is no simple task, you might want to brake this down single questions here on EE:
- install a mail server, I recommend the excellent hMail Server project. Make sure you setup TLS and SSL and use this from the start.
- Make sure at least Ports 25,587,995,993 - all tcp - are open in the firewall of SBS
- In your local DNS, add a MX record pointing to your SBS.

Now internal mail should work. Test it thoroughly.

If it works well, you can even use it as your primary mail system from external systems. Therefore the predominant requirement would be a static public IP address from your ISP.
- On your firewall, NAT redirect at least port 25 and 993 to your SBS.
- Use a dummy domain, like from no-ip, to test this setup with external mail
- Use Remote Connectivity Analyser to test inbound / outbound SMTP as well as IMAP/POP
- If this comes back clean, go to the DNS settings of your public domain / registrar and add a A record, pointing to your public IP, naming it for instance, as well as a MX with a lower priority than your current MX entry, pointing to
Cris HannaSr IT Support EngineerCommented:
You can re-run the "Set up my Internet Address" wizard.  When you get to the box that has your domain name, click on the "Advanced" link underneath the text box.  here you change remote to SMTP.  Finish the wizard.

This results in a change to the URL which will be used for RWA too. And you'll have to change all the public Dns records where it currently has remote to have SMTP...and you will need to have the SSL certificate re-issued

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100questionsAuthor Commented:
I am going to choose one of the proposed solutions above without testing them since I don't have the time to pursue this, and sadly I won't be able to ask any other questions unless I choose a solution, therefore I will choose one which seems a possible solution - however any readers of these solutions need to be aware that I have not tested these solutions personally.
100questionsAuthor Commented:
I have not tested this solutions due to a lack of time, and due to the fact that I will not be allowed to ask any other questions unless I choose a solution.  Therefore, any readers of this message please be advise that I have not personally tested this.
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