Outlook 2007 personal archive not showing (Exchange 2010)


We have trialled moving one of our customers to an exchange managed archive solution

We have met the prerequisites on the exchange server side of things - have set up the (archive) store and retention tags / archive settings. Archive is enabled for the a couple of test users

I can confirm that the personal archive is present when we log into OWA and that exchange level archiving is working. However I cant seem to get outlook to see the personal archive

I've done a bit of searching and found that there are several hotfixes available for outlook 2007 which should address the issue; namely


I have tried these two hotfixes (in conjunction with SP2 for office 2007) on our test machine.

As per http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook-help/license-requirements-for-personal-archive-and-retention-policies-HA102576659.aspx I have tried an enterprise and Pro Plus installation to get the personal archive folder present in outlook but it simply does not show

I've installed sp3 for office 2007 also which has not alleviated the issue

Any help would be greatly appreciated. There are about 30% of the users with office 2007
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Only the below licenses for Outlook 2007 support to connect to Exchange Online Archive. However you will require at-least Hotfix KB2458611.

Office 2007 Ultimate (Retail)
Office 2007 ProPlus (Volume License)
Office 2007 Enterprise (Volume License)
Outlook 2007 Standalone (Retail or Volume License)

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HeronTechAuthor Commented:
The installs I performed were both with VLK installs....
If you can see in OWA and the license of OL is OK, then it could be an autodiscover issue
On the client machine ctrl  + click on the Oultook icon near the task bar and choose "Test E-Mail Autoconfiguration", choose to test only "Use Autodiscover". Then please post the results from "Log" tab or tell us if it succeed.
Also as a test try to recreate an user profile or use a new test user, uncheck "use cashed mode"  and try again
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HeronTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks sirakov - this response is helpful (at least in the 'right direction')


Display name - <user account>

Protocol: Exchange RPC
Server : <server>
Login name: <user name>
Availability service url: Https://<server>/EWS/Exchange.asmx
OOF URL: https://<server> /EWS/Exchange.asmx
OAB URL: http://<server>/OAB/<random guid>
Unified message service URL service url: https://<server>/ews/um2007/legacy.aspx
Auth package: unspecified

It seems to me that autodiscover is working ok. I originally created the account by using the autodiscovered settings.

I have since recreated the profile using the non-cached mode and the personal archive is still not showing

I have access to an office 2010 machine later today that I will do some testing on and post the results
HeronTechAuthor Commented:
Below is the test results from an office 2010

Outlook 2010Below is the test results from an office 2010

This isnt a pro plus installation though - so I figured thats why the Personal archive folder isnt showing
HeronTechAuthor Commented:
Thanks - not only does it have to be a vlk key, but has to be installed from vlk media. After downloading the enterprise iso and installing it with the key - it is working fine
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