Pass one field in FileMaker Pro to Visual Basic

I am trying to write a fairly simple application in Visual Basic 2010 and need assistance on one part of it.  I am trying to read a single field on a FileMaker Pro screen and push it to a different application.  I have the second part worked out.  That is, I can find the application, drill down through the windows (using FindWindow and FindWindowEx) and push the data (using SendKeys).  My problem is with grabbing the data from FileMaker Pro.

I am using Spy++ to try to identify the appropriate window and am unsuccessful.  I can find the FileMaker Pro window and the MDIClient window inside of that and the next window inside of that.  This is where I get stuck.  There are six more windows listed, only two have elements inside of them, and none includes what I need.

I am wondering if FileMaker Pro uses some different way of writing the screen that is not identified by Spy++.

In any case, all I need passed to VB is a string of about 12 characters.  The fellow who wrote the FileMaker application is both willing and very capable of programming it to send me the info if I will just give him a clue as to what method to use.

What would be a simple and straightforward method to pass a string from FileMaker to VB?

A previous approach involved writing a file with FM and the other application reading it.  If that is the best method, I will work with it.  It just seemed that with so little data needed, there should be a better method.

The client computers are running Windows XP or 7 (32- or 64-bit).
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Good morning,

You might be able to use the Copy function in the scripting which will copy that field to the clipboard then you can retrieve it with your application.  Other than that, the only other method i can think of at the moment is to write it to a file... unless it's feasible to access it using an ODBC connection.  That is how i typically retrieve data from FileMaker, but it sounds like you are creating an application that works directly with FM so that may not be an option for you.

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CompProbSolvAuthor Commented:
Use of the clipboard was considered, but I would really like to avoid that route.  I don't want to affect anything that the user may have stored there.  I realize that I could save what is there and restore it afterwards, but that seems far more complicated than necessary.

I've not done enough of this sort of work to know about passing information between programs but it seemed that there should be some sort of messaging capability that could handle the small number of bytes that are required here.

Regardless, thank you for your input.
CompProbSolvAuthor Commented:
This was not the sort of answer for which I was looking, but it was the best that I got!
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