Need assistance with Dig Script

Hi experts,

I'm trying to make a zone transfer script to export all my domains to separate files for backup purposes.

Could someone help me?

I have all my domains (1 per line) in a file called hosts.txt

In human terms, this is the script I'd like to run, I just need to convert to an understandable linux syntax
Should I be using grep here?

dig <hosts.txt> axfr > <domain.txt>

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ozoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
xargs -I {}  dig {}  axfr <hosts.txt  > domain.txt
bossagroupAuthor Commented:
hmmm I get no export with that command - I've never used xargs - does anything need to be in the {} brackets?
when I run it, I get
dig: couldn't get address for '': not found
on stderr
you can redirect stderr  with 2>&1
bossagroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks - managed to get it working - is there an easy way to create separate files for each domain dig?
bossagroupAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help
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