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KSH Convert List of Data into Multidimensional array

I have a data list like this and I wish to build a multidimensional array using korn shell (ksh)

Text file
abis2273_2_D01 /db1/database/oradata/abis2273_2_d01_f01.dbf YES 5800 5616 184
abis2273_2_X01 /db2/database/oradata/abis2273_2_x01_f01.dbf YES 3600 3483 117
abis2273_D01 /db1/database/oradata/abis2273_d01_f01.dbf YES 8000 7999 1
abis2273_D01 /db1/database/oradata/abis2273_d01_f02.dbf YES 8000 7995 5
abis2273_D02 /db2/database/oradata/abis2273_d02_f01.dbf NO 9000 9000 0
abis2273_D02 /db2/database/oradata/abis2273_d02_f05.dbf YES 7500 4292 3208
abis2273_X01 /db2/database/oradata/abis2273_x01_f01.dbf YES 6400 6399 1
abis2273_X01 /db2/database/oradata/abis2273_x01_f02.dbf YES 6200 6197 3
abis2273_X02 /db1/database/oradata/abis2273_x02_f02.dbf YES 9400 9396 4
abis2273_X02 /db1/database/oradata/abis2273_x02_f03.dbf YES 8100 8099 1
abis2273_X02 /db1/database/oradata/abis2273_x02_f04.dbf YES 8500 8437 63
abis2273_X02 /db1/database/oradata/abis2273_x02_f05.dbf NO 8000 8000 0

Note that the number of column might change from 6 columns to 8 columns if the data is from another report. Therefore the script should not fix the number of column


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3 Solutions
What do you want the multidimensional array to look like,
and what do you want to do with it?
I have no idea why you'd want to use a multi-dimensional array, but here you go.

let i=1

while read line
  let j=1
  for col in $line
    let j++

  let i++
done <file.txt

# echo row 3 column 2
echo ${array[3][2]}

Open in new window

tindavidAuthor Commented:
$ ksh arr.sh
arr.sh[9]: arrary: subscript out of range  

when comment out arrary variable:    #array[$i][$j]=$col
arr.sh[13]: i++: Expression is not complete; more tokens expected.

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multi-dimensional arrays are only supported in ksh-93

What ksh version are you using?

Also, how do you want to process the data?   There's probably a much better way that using a multi-dimensional array.
tindavidAuthor Commented:
We are using ksh88, so cannot be tested. what about using perl, I want to further doing sorting on different column[array colum] to produce different report be display on screen.
$ARGV[0] ||= 'file.txt';
@array = map[split],<>;  # assuming, based on the ksh answer, that "multi" means "two"
print $array[2][1];
you can sort on whatever command you want using the sort command

sort -n -k 4

this will sort numerically using the 4th column

if you need sums and the likes as well, awk will probaby be the right tool
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