Network drive disconnecting periodically.
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KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You might want to check if the internet is still working when a drive is disconnected.
Meaning, if it's still working, it's a problem between the PC and server, if not, it's probably a hardware problem, either NIC or network switch somewhere.
If it's the first case, you need to check if you can get more information by using the "net use" command in a cmd box on the PC. Sometimes it's quite clear (too many users with the same username connecting to the server), and sometimes it's not (unknown error code).
deroodeSystems AdministratorCommented:
You may want to clarify your question...
algecoadhAuthor Commented:
When network drives are UNUSED for an extended period of time, they are getting disconnected...until...explicitly clicked in internet explorer or by moving to that drive
in DOS-Box. I'm using WinXP Pro - sp2.

Pls avoid replies like the following...
Set registry entry  'HKLM\......lanmanserver\parameters\autodisconnect to hi values
net config server  /autodisconnect:-1

I know them and IT IS *NOT WORKING*

Not totally related, but SP2 has been out of the support cycle (as in, no security updates) for 3 years. And maybe, just maybe, this is a bug solved after 2010 ?
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