Remote backup server to server


I have two servers (in different locations) and would like to create a backup system that backs up data from one server to the other and vice versa but different data.

Can someone suggest the best and most reliable way to do this?

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if you have windows server and a site to site vpn, then you could use deltacopy (install server and client on each server and configure backup and mail notification)
Assuming your bandwidth is enough, I suggest a simple program like Cobian Backup, and use the FTP options available (it means you have to set up FTP servers on both sides)
Gordon710Author Commented:

I expected vpn but have only ever done this on an on-demand basis. I guess this option would require a permanent vpn link unless there's some means of initiating the connection as required.

Where can I find more details about the setting up of this kind of connection?

Also Deltacopy describes itself as Sync but I want to backup different data from one to the other, not actually sync the same data, do you know if it is capable of this too?
You could do it with a Robo-FTP automation script on one machine and IIS with FTP Server enabled on the other machine.  

On the FTP Server side you would make a virtual folder for the directory that you want to back up and another to the place you want to save the backups from the other side.

On the Robo-FTP client side, the automation script would first make a zip file containing all the stuff you wanted to back up and give it a file name like so the date is in the file name.  Then it will connect to the server computer and upload this file.  Then it will download everything in the server's outgoing file, zip it all up and give it a name with today's date.  

This way each server will have a zip file from the opposite server for each day.  If this is a LOT of data then maybe have it run every week instead of every day... or put the FTP client and server on both sides so that they both copy only zip files across the FTP link instead of zip upstream and uncompressed downstream.

usually a site to site vpn is established via two firewalls.
to set up a site to site vpn it would depend on what types of firewalls you are using (same type would be best).

deltacopy is a sync tool, yes that is correct.
however you can write a script to copy the local files to another directory, leaving the old files intact to be synced again(no need to delete them).
also, with this script you could integrate a rotation of 7 backups (for each weekday for example) which get overwritten at the start of the next week.

if those are windows servers and you want to establish a vpn connection between the 2 sites then i could look into writing the script for you if you are not familiar with batch scripting


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