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Say, Please see attached. The top text box has one merge field in it but the data is of variable length and I want the text centred vertically as well as horizontally in the text box. I've tried to choose option to centre text in text box - but greyed out. any ideas please? Word 2013
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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
The Compatibility option for the document is set to 2003, which doesn't support vertical centring in text boxes.

Click the Options Button
Click Advanced Options in the left frame
Scroll down the right frame until the end of the page
Choose the scope for the change via the  Compatibility options dropdown (the current document or all new documents).
Choose MS Word 2007 or later in the 'Lay out this document as if created in:' combo box. This will enable all new features for that version.

Note that if you want to maintain other 2003 compatibility options, you can, instead,  open the list under 'Layout options' and just remove the tick from the 'Don't vertically align inside of textboxes' checkbox.
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