Refresh combobox datasource

What simple piece of code am I missing?  Everything behind the scene is showing that the item is being added to the list but when the form shows, the addition isn't there.  I've tried refreshing the combo box, refreshing the screen, clearing databindings, used a simple combo box, a drop down, a dropdown list....  

                Dim waa As String = CStr(tblS.waa)

                Dim isit As Boolean = False

                For Each r In cbProfile.DataSource
                    If r = waa Then
                        isit = True
                    End If

                If isit = True Then
                    Me.cbProfile.SelectedItem = waa
                    Me.cbProfile.DataSource = listofProfile <---- shows the added item here but not on the form

                End If

HELP please and thanks!
Karen WilsonProgrammerAsked:
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Robert SchuttSoftware EngineerCommented:
This is quite cheesy, but before setting the datasource to the same list again, try setting it to nothing first:
            Me.cbProfile.DataSource = Nothing
            Me.cbProfile.DataSource = listofProfile ' <---- shows the added item here but not on the form

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Karen WilsonProgrammerAuthor Commented:
HA!!  I knew it....  I had tried everything except NOTHING.  It works.  Bill Gates and co. are going to make me nuts.  :O)  

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