which Microsoft Dynamic to chose

Dear Experts,

As a University we are planning to implement ERP, we are at the beginning stage, and need your advice for choosing right product.

Currently we use TopSchool to manage Students records (Student Grade, Atendacy....etc) where students and faculties can login and check their profiles.
QuickBooks is used by (Finance, HR, Purchasing, Storage, assets and Enrolment). as you may know QuickBooks is for Small organization.

the plan is to unite all these section into one system which ERP.

My questions are:

-  Shall I go for Oracle or Microsoft Dynamic. is there a big difference between Oracle and Microsoft Dynamic, for a University Microsoft Dynamic wouldn't be enough.

- If Microsoft Dynamic is the one; which one to go for AX, CRM...etc

My self I don't need a complicated system.

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Rikin ShahConnect With a Mentor Microsoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:

I have not seen Oracle system. You can find difference between CRM and AX below and the reason why I suggest CRM-
Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:

I would suggest going with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is scalable and one can create his own ERP on it. By default it comes with Sales, Marketing and Service module. But after customizing per your needs it can be used like an ERP. It has a user friendly UI similar to Microsoft Office and they are continuously giving efforts to better/simpler UI part.

Check these feature list-
uknet80Author Commented:
why not AX or Oracle
Hi You should remove your topic from Database/Oracle/ and add it to Software/Business Managament/Entreprise Software
uknet80Author Commented:
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