target=framename is openning in new tab

I have the following code:
<a href='' target='newframe'><div style='text-align: center;'>Play</div></a>
<iframe name='newframe' frameborder='0'></iframe>

Open in new window

but when I click on the "Play" link, in FF it opens in a new tab instead of the frame. It is working fine in IE and Chrome.

It looks like it is the Tab Mix Plus addon because it works fine when Tab Mix Plus is disabled. I have tried every setting in Tab Mix Plus I can see that may change the behavior but no luck yet. The Tab Mix Plus settings are attached; Firefox version: 23.0.1; operating system: Win 7 SP1.

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What that should tell you is that you cannot control user setting to be sure it will go where you want.  A user may have a tab manager installed that controls where content goes.  You cannot override the users addons; and you should not be able to.  There is nothing to say that there are not also products that will do the same thing on other browsers.

On your own computer you need to make a choice between the addon and staying in the frame.  There my be an alternate product, or there may be a later version of this one that gives you the option you need.  You could try contacting the author with your issue and see if they intend to address it.


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thenelsonAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

no real answer
When the answer is that the technology does not permit what you want, then that is the answer.  Whether or not you like the answer is irrelevant.  It is the answer. So in the absence of anything to indicate there is some other answer, I have to object to the deletion.

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