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Not sure if this is the type of question I can ask here, but I'll try anyway.

Currently we're using BeanStalk for our SVN, I like the web based interface and the ability to setup different deployment servers. We're paying a monthly fee for this.

In a bid to cut some costs hosting SVN is something we can do in-house as we have an internal file server running Windows 2008 server.

I did some research and came across UberSVN, which is actually very good and makes setting up new repositories easy (i hate using the command line), but it lacks deployment functionality.

I'm just looking for some kind of self hosted solution which will run on Windows server that will give us SVN, a web based interface and the ability to setup deployments. Does a solution exist? If not, what is the easiest web to setup something along the lines of what we need? Is it possible to setup some kind of deployments using UberSVN?
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Ryan McCauleyEnterprise Analytics ManagerCommented:
Are you looking for something that will help you package deployments for you, or something that will actually perform the deployments when you want it to? If you're just looking for packages for any given build, you might be interested in continuous integration, which will attempt to compile the code base every time there's a check-in, up to and (if you configure/script it) including creating an actual deployment package/installer.

There are quite a few CI tools that appear to integrate easily with SVN, the most popular one I know of being CruiseControl:

Though I suppose it won't be integrated into your web interface for single-click deployment packaging, CI is something you spend time configuring in the beginning, and then largely runs itself without much additional care and feeding. In our case, we set it up for a particular code branch and then it generates the installers from there with a script we'd developed a long time ago - it can be as simple or as complex as you want.

Would that meet your needs, or are you looking for something that explicitly integrates with a web interface to allow you to generate deployments?
SheppardDigitalAuthor Commented:
I think we are looking for something to help more with deployments.

As our projects are PHP based there's no need for anything to be compiled.

In the past we have been using beanstalk, it's let us setup auto deployment to our development server and then a manual deployment to the production server. It's great because it only copied across the files that are needed to the live server. It costs money though, and we have a number of servers of our own, hence us looking into finding a less costly solution if we can.
SheppardDigitalAuthor Commented:
We're sticking with beanstalk as I'm unable to find a self hosted solution which does the same thing.

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SheppardDigitalAuthor Commented:
No other suitable solution found
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