Access 2010: Where/how to place subroutine call on progress bar form

I have a splash screen that has two progress bars on it.
I want the splash screen to run a module subroutine that takes some time. I have inserted the code for the progress bars into the subroutine.

Where do I place the code for the call to the subroutine?

The user will have no button to press, I just want the form to open, load and then run the subroutine which should update the PBs.
I cant place the call in the LOAD, because the form is not visible.

Where?  and can I refresh the form from a module "generically" somehow or do I have to hardcode the form's name into the subroutine (I would rather not hard code it).
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Why not open the splash screen as part of the process that runs a long time, at the start, and then update your progress bars as the long process continues, then close the spash screen when the long process finishes?
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
The login screen occurs first, then the splash screen.
I was opening an "invisble" form and calling the splash from there, but it just seems that there should be some way to have a screen shown to the user and then some event that could kick something off automagically.
Dale FyeCommented:

Are you using the progress bar form that is referenced in my article and your previous question?
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GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
nope, sorry,
using FMS progress bars.
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
now a new problem.
I moved the code to the login form.
The flow is
open splash screen
frmLogin process loop
     update Progress
close splash
open menu

Problem is that the splash screen doesnt paint itself on the screen. It just has a transparent shell, does it's work saying it's not responding and then opens the menu

Aaaarg! (getting ready for International Talk Like a Pirates Day)

I take it you've not turned off screen updating (sorry, had to ask) and have tried such things as DoEvents after updating the ProgressBar or even the Repaint method to force the Splash Screen to be redrawn/updated?
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
WIth this particular PB,  the value is suppose to be updated.
IN the code, I use a
Forms!frm_SplashScreen.pb_Detail.value = 20

when I stop the code and look, it isnt there.
So I do a

nada, zip.
I havent had the opportunity in the past to use the Timer event or DoEvents.
I did place a DoEvents after the value is updated per above, but I think the problem is how to update the value.
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
perhaps I have to set focus to the splash screen? but, if I do that, how do I get control back to the calling form?
GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
Here's the solution.
(I love access 2010, I love access 2010, I love access2010...)

The value requires an Integer.
If I calculate  and type cast: INT(DetailCount/TotalCount * 100)
it should be an integer, right?
I have to dim an integer and then set the value.
For example,
Dim x as Integer
x= INT(DetailCount/TotalCount * 100)
 then send x across.

works like a champ.
(I love access 2010, I love access 2010, I love access2010...)

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GNOVAKAuthor Commented:
Found the solution by isolating with a tex box and a command button.
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