Block https facebook on my endian firewall.

Hi experts, I have a Endian V2.4.1 firewall to allow and deny access to web pages.

With a transparent proxy I add to a black list and is blocked. However  can access normally.

I need access to government sites ( that uses https (port 443)

Any suggestion to block only facebook?
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With Endian in TRANSPARENT proxy mode this can be done.  The trick is NOT to use web proxy to do the blocking but use DNS proxy AntiSpyware.

You do this by firstly activating DNS proxy for your desired filtering zone and then selecting the AntiSpyware tab (/cgi-bin/antispyware.cgi).
Then add the Facebook address to the BlackList.

This method can be bypassed but ONLY if the site/domain being blocked is NOT a cloud site.  Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail etc are so they can be blocked for HTTP(S) access

alcaniAuthor Commented:
Thanks its working
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