Launch program as admin in standard user account without UAC and password


I need to launch a programm as admin in a standard user account Windows 8 session without UAC or pasword prompt. I don't want to disable UAC.

I found that procedure on the web :

I created a scheduled task (With max rights and for Windows 8) which launch cmd (%windir%\System32\cmd.exe) with that argument :

/c start "Task_Name" "Full_Path_of_Program"

I finally created a shortcut for launch the task on demand :

C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "scheduled_task_name"

I can't create the scheduled task from the standard user session, I have to launch taskschd as admin, This way, the task (with the shortcut for example) don't work with standard user (I can see the cmd launch but nothing happens after), I have to run it as admin and fill the password...

When I want to create the task from standard user session with max rights for Windows 8, I select the admin or standard user and when the task is configured I click on OK. Then I have to fill the password for the admin account and receive an error message that tell me that the account name specified is not valid... (the same error message appear if I set the standard user and password) The password are correct and I use it every days.

What do I do wrong ? Any idea ?
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McKnifeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will not see any task that is launched as a different user - that is secure design and expected behavior. It will not run interactive.
So if you need it interactive, you will need to use the small, free Microsoft tool psexec. Download it. Example:
psexec -u administrator -p yourpassword notepad
Why no UAC prompt? Because for the account "administrator", there is no UAC. The administrator account needs to be activated with a non-blank-password set, first.
be a standard user

open notepad and make a file named dosomething.bat

edit file and put in

runas /user:ComputerName\usernamehere /savecred C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe /run /tn "scheduled_task_name"

create shortcut on users desktop or c:\users\public\desktop

1st time you run it it will prompt you for password

2nd time it will just run, even under standard user

note: this is a security risk, as the password can be discovered since its stored in windows, but it would take an advanced user to figure this out.
jet-infoAuthor Commented:
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