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My client is looking to setup a Kiosk system in there office. Does anyone have any recommendations as far as hardware goes?

I'm interested in both a tablet or desktop scenario.

A tablet would have to be secured somehow, to prevent theft.

As for a desktop, I'm thinking of a touchscreen system, but haven't quite decided yet as I'm not sure what the users will be accessing yet. Again, needs secured.

Any suggestions?
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I used a raspberry pi in a box attached to the back of a monitor with mouse, network and keyboard attached. We found this was a cheap and easily configured solution.

The raspberry pi software was configured easily and installed on a sd card and runs the kiosk setup starting with the web site and won't go anywhere else.
Any AIO with a touch screen, HP, Acer, ASUS make them that are wall mountable so you could use a vesa wall mount if so desired.  Other wise they can set on a desk or table.  Just use a limited account for the users once software is setup on the unit. As far as tablets, ASUS makes a nice one with a Keyboard option and it has USB port also I think acer's does too.

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