Driver for XPS miniview

A customer brought a Dell XPS Desktop computer that needed  a re-format and re-install.  After the re-install I successfully installed all the drivers except the XPS MiniViewer driver.  I have searched for this drive on the Dell website and many other places, but cannot find it.  If someone could help me find this driver I would appreciate it very much.
I attempted to let windows try to find an update and Windows says that it found the update, but could not install it because of the following message: "The class installer has denied the Request to install or upgrade this devise"
Will Schmidtowner Asked:
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J NUnicorn wranglerCommented:
i believe it is VIEW and not VIEWER try changing the google query and see what you get as there are different versions
Emmanuel AdebayoGlobal Windows Infrastructure Engineer - ConsultantCommented:

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Will Schmidtowner Author Commented:
Thanks for the effort in trying to help me with this issue, however, the download link that you suggested only attempted to install un-wanted toolbars and other apps that I did not need.  I concluded that the only way to get the driver is to order recovery disks and restore the desktop to factory settings.  The customer told me that he never uses that feature anyway (if you call it a feature-it seems like a waste to me), so he was happy with the way is funtions without it.  Again, thanks for your help.
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