Office365 Hybrid scenario Outlook 2010 users sees conference room is busy but not who has it


We have a user who used to be able to see who is holding meetings in a conference room.
Now she just sees that they are busy.  See attached.  

Outlook 2010
Full Access to Conference Rooms
Exchange 2010 Hybrid with Office 365
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J NUnicorn wranglerCommented:
here is someone with a similar question that microsoft replied to

If you want specific people to be able to change/delete the meetings, you could use Select delegates to accept or decline booking requests option to add the specific people as delegates on a meeting room calendar.

The delegates are responsible for accepting or declining meeting requests that are sent to the room mailbox. If you assign more than one resource delegate, only one of them acts on a specific meeting request.

To add a delegate, please follow the steps below:

1.At the Admin page, click Manage under Exchange Online.

2.In the Exchange Control Panel, select Manage My Organization > Users & Groups > Mailboxes.

3.Check the Room Mailbox (You may create a new Room Mailbox if necessary) and click Details.

4.On the detail page, click Booking Options show details.

5.Choose Select delegates to accept or decline booking requests option, select a user, click Add, and then click OK to return to the Room Mailbox page.

After the user has been added as delegate, he or she would be able to create, accept and decline a meeting on a meeting room calendar.

For more information, you may refer to the link below:

For the other requirement that you would like everyone in your organization to be able to view the Subject/Owner of boardroom bookings for specific meeting rooms, you could set one person a full access permission first by following the PowerShell below:

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity "ABC" -User "Tom" -AccessRights FullAccess

(ABC is the name for the Room Mailbox, Tom is the user name who is given full access to this mailbox.)

After giving Tom the full access permission, the Room Mailbox's Calendar could be shared with everyone by following the steps below:

1.Log in Outlook Web App (OWA) as Tom.

2.Click the dropdown list in the up right corner besides user's display name Tom and choose Open Other Mailbox, type in the address of the room mailbox and click Open.

3.When the room mailbox is open, click Calendar.

4.On the Calendar page click Share, choose Share This Calendar.

5.A new message will pop out. In the To blank, you may type in everyone's mail addresses. In the Share options, you could choose Free/busy information including subject and location.

6.After sending this message and everyone accepts it, all the people in your organization would be able to see the Subject/Owner of boardroom bookings for specific meeting rooms.

Another alternative method would be changing the Calendar' s setting from none to full detailed by running PowerShell to make everyone be able to see the detailed information about Calendar meetings.

The PowerShell command is:

set-MailboxFolderPermission ABC:\Calendar -user default -AccessRights custom

( ABC is the name for the Room Mailbox.)

After running this PowerShell, every person in your organization could be able to view the free/busy time, subject and location of the meetings.

For connecting PowerShell to the Service, please refer to the link below:

Anna Guo

J NUnicorn wranglerCommented:
here is another questions similiar

bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
My Portal looks different
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J NUnicorn wranglerCommented:
J NUnicorn wranglerCommented:

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bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
What is the difference in the one article there is a command for showing organizer and subject and another for Set the Room calendar to show ‘limited details’ by default
.  Does limited details show something more or less?  Thanks ill try this
J NUnicorn wranglerCommented:
Im assuming limited details will mask some of them
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
First of all ask the user to check from OWA, might be a local profile corruption. Then, verify the permissions using PowerShell:

Get-MailboxFolderPermission roomname:\Calendar

Check if the specific user is listed there and also the default value and if needed adjust them. LimitedDetails will show the subject and location, AvailabilityOnly will only show if the timeslot is booked. For more info review this article:

Also, you mentioned Hybrid scenario. Are the user and the room in the same place (on-prem or in the cloud), or not? If the later, maybe something changed in the sharing configuration, but this should affect others as well, not a single person/mailbox.
bergquistcompanyAuthor Commented:
I will try this thanks
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