Blackberry Z10, BES Express and corporate file access

I have users with Z10 devices that would like to browse the internal network while away from the office and be able to open xlsx doc pdf dwg that are located on my file servers.

Is there any way to do that.

I read that BES Express provide a vpn link to the inside of the network and from there you should be able to browse but is it real and how does it proceed?
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Iain MacMillanConnect With a Mentor IT ManagerCommented:
usually for this to work, you would need secure VPN service available on your LAN & external link already, such as Cisco VPN via your Cisco firewall (ASA or older PIX, or another 3rd part VPN service.  Most companies have a VPN service used by their staff using laptops, tablets etc.
You would need the client VPN software to work with Z10 handset, and if memory serves, the Z10 already has about 8 profiles already stored, including Cisco (2) & Juniper (2).

If you have the handsets linked to BES Express your most of the way there, they should be able to access all email resources and some internal web services, but to access files/folder shares, there is a section in the BES Express manual to show how to do this, but I don't have access to any BES material now.  The link here shows how to set it up for BES 5, which might steer you in the right direction :
philjansAuthor Commented:
Thank for the information, I will verify my firewall vpn clients options
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