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Our's is an IBM shop, We have all our AIX servers on Power 7 and built on NPIV. We LPM our servers a lot depending on the business requirement. When we have set up LPM, IBM told that the process is non-intrusive and seamless.

The question is : Couple days back  I have LPM'd a server from a Frame A to Frame B, It took almost 10 minutes.

Yesterday when I moved the same server from Frame A to Frame B, During the same time  Database team was applying Oracle PSU patches on the same, It took almost 30 minutes for the LPM to complete....

This is not the first time, I have noticed this behavior, So why is there a delay, Did LPM lock somethings .. Can someone please give me an insight....????
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woolmilkporcConnect With a Mentor Commented:

the most expensive task during LPM is the migration of main memory pages.

The partition's physical memory pages are copied over to the reserved memory area on the target system. Pages which are changed during the transfer phase are marked dirty, and will be reprocessed in subsequent iterations, until the number of dirty pages becomes stable and small enough to be passed to the destination in a final step where the source partition's activity is suspended, so that memory pages can no longer be modified and thus safely transferred.

The more there is main memory activity on the mobile partition the more of the described iterations are required. So it's quite normal that LPM of a very active system can take significantly longer than the same process on a system with low utilization.

Here is the Redbook on LPM:

cardinals247Author Commented:
Thanks wmp
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