Granting permissions AD group full access exchange 2010

Greetings I am somewhat confused about an issue in Exchange 2010. I am an Admin I would like to be able to run a command on a group in AD and allow this group to have Full Access to all the mailboxes without having to provide full access to the mailbox manually. Problem is we are currently providing full access to the mailbox manually everytime and then removing access on our personal admin accounts, performing the maintenance and then removing ourselves.

I have read a couple of things and somewhat interested in why you would not do this to a group rather than a database specified below. Again, I would like to not have to provide myself full access to the mailbox everytime I need to do some work. If someoene could provide the command I would be appreciative, thanks

Get-MailboxDatabase -identity "SERVERNAME\First Storage Group\Mailbox Database" | Remove-ADPermission -user administrator -ExtendedRights Receive-As, Send-As

Get-MailboxDatabase -identity “[mailbox database name]” | Add-ADPermission -user [username] -AccessRights GenericAll
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If you want to issue rights for all mailboxes, I'd do it at the mailbox database level as they've suggested in the get mailbox command.  If you do it at the mailbox database level, any mailbox added to that database (or other databases you add permissions to) will receive the same permission set.

In exchange 2003 you could also issue those permissions higher up in the structure.  Search through your structure to see if there is a location higher in the structure where you can issue those permissions and allow them to flow down via inheritance.
What are you trying to achieve when you grant full control to the mailboxes?  Have you looked to see if you can achieve the same thing with RBAC Groups?

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techdriveAuthor Commented:
No this was done with Exchange 2007 also. On every mailbox even the ones created after the command was ran gave the group full access to the mailbox.
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