Recover data from a drive

Running HP-UX 11.  I have an 18 GB logical volume that contained two 9 GB physical volumes (not mirrored).  This file system contained ascii data files of data that was archived and purged from a progress database.  The first drive in this volume failed.  The majority of data is recoverable from a backup.  However, there was one folder that was not backed up.  

I forced the volume group to be active.  I obviously can't mount the "good" disk in the logical volume by itself, but I used the "dd" command to dump the data into a file on another file system.  If I use the "string" command on the dump file, I can see the data that I'm looking for.   My question is, is there a way, either from the binary dump file or from the physical volume itself, to restore the data from that drive with the directory structures in-tact?  All I can see in the binary dump file is the file contents.  No directory names or file names.

I just want to recover any directories, sub-directories, and files that exist on that particular drive.

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I can't see the dump being much use, as it's just the contents of a bunch of blocks, and without the inode table to say which blocks belong together it's a fiendish jigsaw.

If you have a replacement disk for the bad dive, you should be able to get the lvol mounted:

Write the LVM info to the replacement disk (recreates the lvol structures on the replacement disk)
# vgcfgrestore –n <vgname> /dev/rdsk/cXtYdZ
# vgchange -a y <vgname>
Don't bother trying to fsck the lvol. It won't succeed, and could trash some of the "recoverable" files.
# mount -o ro -o ioerror=wdisable <lvol> /recovery

If you're lucky enough that the inode table and all your folder contents are on the good disk, you should be able to get to it, though if a file was spread over the 2 disks it will be unreadable via the filesystem and you'll have to go back to the jigsaw

Other data recovery suggestions (though probably not much use here):

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