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WE are looking  for a security Camera for reception something under €100 with the following functions.

Its not important to us that it records
It needs to be connected to our receptionist's PC  
It should have motion detection so that if anyone is outside our receptionist should get automatic pop up window  on her screen, and this need to happen almost instantaneously.


we can connect the camera to another monitor beside our receptionist but we don't want it to be on all the time, it should be on only if there is someone out side.

I have found a camera which has motion detection and it sends emails if it detects any movement but this is no use to us because the delay between the motion detection and email is a lot

Many Thanks
IP4IT StaffAsked:
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MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi  robbiebreslin
as I'm in Australia I can only offer you some suggestions and then on that look for it in your country
As I see it your first problem is the alarm, if you use only a monitor how will you hear an alarm ? or have the monitor activated?
Do you want a live CCTV type camera with a video feed?  or a just a motion activated?
Introduction to video capture and Motion Detection, well worth a read to give you a good base to start with

So after reading that you have newfound ideas of the many options.
Maybe a red flashing light near the desktop? Do it yourself?
Turn your ordinary camera into a Motion Detection Camera

Motion detection is that the camera only goes on when activated.
Whereas a motion detecting camera with a DVR records over a period of time includes an alarm and only records when activated
If you are not interested in this idea
You might consider adding to your choice of motion detector camera  
a Motion Detection Alarm Buzzer
There is a few examples of cameras on the left from IP cameras to cctv etc

These are just for ideas, if you could round them out a bit better.
What is your thoughts.
KimputerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Since your budget isn't too much, I think the solution with the camera and email is still the best. The delay is because you use an external email address and not your own server. With a few free downloads, that can be solved though. Install email server software, setup one email address, configure triggers. Only thing though, is you also need to setup a DNS server inhouse, as otherwise the email won't be dropped into the PC you designate as the email server.
MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Still waiting for a response from robbiebreslin so we know where to head.
A couple areas if you could clear up.
Is this for night time by any chance as you can have motion sensitive light that turn on they are very inexpensive..
Day time is a little more difficult since the light effects motion detection.
Also the alarm type?
Outside our receptionist is my grey area.
Is this for security?
How much outside? as passer by's could trigger things as well.
Do you have an area outside for patients?
If it is a small area then even a mat will do.
Hope my response triggers a ping
regards Merete
IP4IT StaffAuthor Commented:
What we need is:

When someone enters the building during the work day we would like the solution to pop up a window on our receptions desktop display so that she can see who the person is that has entered the building, before the arrive at her desk which is about 15 seconds later.  We do not want a window open all the time as we have few visitors and she is using the PC. She wishs to know who the visit is and put a name on them and decide how she would like to route them before they are infront of her.

MereteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi robbiebreslin, I don't know if I can help,

But maybe if I post my thoughts other experts can add on to it.
I know there is facial recognition software for unlocking a computer screen and cctv,
banks also use it more or less
 but to this level where the facial recognition could identify who that person is and display their personal medical details on the screen, first you would require a license and their permission ,have them provide you with a photo and to fill out a form.

I know police/FBI use a form of this like when a scan of your registration number they can access your database but a face is whole other area.
A database would be needed like a file with a photo of every patient you have and the camera scans each face and puts out that information based on your input.
To illustrate here is a couple of examples
Viisage facial recognition

What is FaceSDK?
Facial recognition system
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