Maximum number of devices that can be put on a single VLAN

Does anyone know any research with regard to what is the recommended maximum number of devices that can be put on a single VLAN before broadcast traffic starts to cause issues?
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rauenpcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Theoretically you can put as many devices as you have switchports, with the real limiting factor being the maximum number of Mac addresses allowed on a given switch.

Most general recommendations for network design do call for a limit of 254 devices per vlan or a single class C subnet as aadih mentioned. I'm not sure if there is a specific document for this. Each network can be different in regards to the amount of broadcasting so the recommendations are just that... Recommendations. We can't claim this to be the answer for every network. Switchport speeds and network layout can also be a factor.
A common guideline is 254 addresses (using /24 range).
AnadosAuthor Commented:
Hello aadih,

Thank you for your reply.

Let’s say we use an average PC as the devices I mentioned in my question. And let’s say we put 254 PCs on a network in a single VLAN. I think there would be a lot of broadcast traffic on that VLAN.

Someone had told me that it is recommended to not put more than 70 devices on a single VLAN due to broadcast traffic, but I do not know where he get that figure from. I myself vaguely recall reading somewhere that Cisco recommends that you do not put more than 200 devices on a single VLAN.

So my question is: is there a study done somewhere out there that would provide a more definitive answer to the question of what is the maximum number of devices that you can put on a single VLAN.
aadihConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A long article but worth your time to gain insights on this issue: >
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