Sharing an phone extension

Hello experts,

I have a question regarding sharing an extension.

I have an extension 4070 that i would like 4 additional people to be able to pickup and listen to the conversation.

For example: When a caller call extension 4070 it will ring on 4 stations that have the bridge appearance. Once it is pickup, i want the remaining stations to be able to listen conversation when they press the appearance button

What do i need to make that happen?
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What kind of a phone system is it?  Is it a POTS, Avaya, IP based voip?
jli168Author Commented:
Avaya s8400
Normally a bridged appearance button will allow all of the users that have the bridged appearance of the line in use can join in on the call.  Of course, in a multi-appearance sequence you have to have a bridged appearance for each button of the originating phone.

If you have setup the bridge appearance and it is not working, most likely you have automatic exclusion programmed, perhaps by default without knowing it.    You might need to "reverse" the steps used to setup the privacy feature (exclusion); from Avaya manual:

Privacy - Automatic Exclusion allows a user of a multiappearance telephone to keep others with appearances of the same extension from bridging onto an existing call. Automatic exclusion is available as soon as a user answers a call. To turn off automatic exclusion, the user presses the exclusion button.

 Prerequisites for administering Privacy
 You must complete the following actions before you can administer the Privacy feature:
 Å“ Ensure that the Automatic Exclusion field on the Feature-Related System Parameters screen is set to y.
 To view the Feature-Related System Parameters screen, type change system-parameters features. Press Enter.

 Administering Privacy

 Å“ Ensure that the Data Privacy Access Code field on the Feature Access Codes (FAC) screen is set to y. To view the Feature Access Codes (FAC) screen, type change feature-access-codes. Press Enter.
 Å“ Ensure that the Data Privacy and the Automatic Exclusion fields on the Class of Service screen are set to y. To view the Class of Service screen, type change cos. Press Enter.
jli168Author Commented:
I'm sorry that i didn't reply back soon. First, thank you for looking into for me. I apply the change on the system and assign a code for the auto exclusion.

How do i put this in use?

The code i have is 704 and i would like to share extension 4070. How do i go about putting that in use? I have to apply it on the phone that has the call appearance?
The best way to allow shared use is to turn off the feature (opposite of the instructions provided).  
If you want to allow shared only for a specific set of people, then you do need to provide the any set that picks up the shared call appearance  with the "privacy release" feature - marked as the exclusion button on the instructions above.  The exclusion button is actually a "deactivate" exclusion button when first pressed after answering a call.
With most Avaya sets, it will be a programmable button you can select when administering the station.  It should also work as a dial code if you don't have any feature buttons available.

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